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2011-02-17 08:29 pm


It's been over a year since I last posted, then I forgot to update my email address, and it's only because Trixtah posted a link back from FB that I puddled back here. So, if there was something you wanted me to see let me know.

I think the extended absence was also to do with other stuff going on last year. I'm not sure I'd call it depression when you're as stupidly overcommitted as I am, but it did feel like ploughing through sludge most of the time.

Anyway, have put in place a few changes that mean life is feeling less sludgy, and I'll try and keep up. :D
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2009-09-15 07:52 pm

Awesome Top Gear segment

Love the sad look test.
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2009-05-22 09:15 pm


Finally had some time to set up my dreamwidth account. I am working through my LJ friends list adding people but if you have a different user id on dreamwidth let me know.

I haven't decided what to do about LJ over the long haul but will keep posting to both for now until I get settled in.

I have a couple of invite codes available.
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2006-09-11 07:20 am

Friends only

Sorry, this journal is friends only.

Drop me a comment here if you would like me to add you. All comments are screened.